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Stroll through Funchal´s Old Town, one of Funchal´s main tourist hotpots, popular for its historical, architectural, gastronomical and artistic aspects.

Become enchanted by a picturesque setting of narrow cobblestone streets lined by aged buildings (some dating back to the 15 This part of town is not only considered to have a great variety of restaurants, but also some of the best on the island.

This also creates a permanent daylight saving time effect.

Before clocks were first invented, it was common practice to mark the time of day with apparent solar time (also called "true" solar time) – for example, the time on a sundial – which was typically different for every location and dependent on longitude.

I never knew Mr Wilder, never met him – though fantasy could wish to make it so.

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Dining in old town Funchal and tasting Madeira´s traditional cuisine is a must and will certainly not disappoint you.

Other main features of this area include the Mercado dos Lavradores (Farmer´s Market), the Madeira Story Centre, Forte São Tiago, The Bordal (Embroidery) Factory, the Cable Car Station to Monte and the Feira da Largartixa (Flea Market) “Arte de Portas Abertas” is a public art program that aims in transforming Funchal´s Old town into a permanent outdoor art gallery by displaying over 200 works of art, by guest artists, painted on the doors of Rua de Santa Maria.

Some higher latitude and temperate zone countries use daylight saving time for part of the year, typically by adjusting local clock time by an hour.

Many land time zones are skewed toward the west of the corresponding nautical time zones.

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