Who is neil nitin mukesh dating

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He’s learnt to keep the foodie in him on a leash and thinks happiness is the key to good health. Sometimes, I do cardio daily, depending upon the body type I’m trying to achieve. I was required to put on weight for my films 3G, Shortcut Romeo and David.

Given his world view, we believe he’d make a rather fun fitness trainer. According to my parents, I’d never sit in one place. In David, I had to portray the role of a gangster who had to look older and heavier.

According to NDTV, Rukmini has already won hearts of the family with her simplicity and upbringing.

Here’s what Neil’s father, Nitin Mukesh has to say –Neil is quite old school in his ways and is a firm believer in the traditional school of thought when it comes to the sacred institution of marriage.

In the year 1988 he gave his first appearance as in the child role in the film Vijay.

He did his graduation studies from the HR College with a bachelor’s degree in commerce.

Neil Nitin Mukesh has always been known for his lean, taut physique. I focus on one body part every day, whether it’s the biceps, triceps, legs, shoulders, back and chest.

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This couple was although not spotted at any place together so this story was closed in just a few days by the side of media.

The actor with triple names – Neil Nitin Mukesh – shares his gyaan with us. I had to work hard on gaining weight for Lafangey Parindey as I was playing a boxer in the film.

Now that I am 32, I still feel agile like a youngster.

Today I’m back in my original shape, meaning the way I looked in my film Johnny Gaddaar. I spend around an hour and 15 minutes every day on my workout.

I concentrate on one body part, with three sets of six exercises, 15-20 repetitions per set.

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