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Each player is also given a room that they can spruce up using a variety of in-game items, like televisions (which will be able to show You Tube videos) and furniture.

To monetize, the site will allow users to buy extra credits to purchase virtual goods, and will also offer premium services for a fee.

The application is very sleek, sporting an intuitive interface and quick, good looking graphics.

Nick Points (gained by exploring the site and playing games) are used to buy virtual avatar outfits and other items on the site.

There's lots of marketing for Nickelodeon shows; links to, which has ads; and ads for games based on sugary cereals, department stores, and more.

However, kids are notorious for finding ways to evade language filters, so parents should discuss chatting options with their kids and choose chat using pre-written messages selected from a pull-down menu if there are any concerns. Kids can participate in virtual world "clubs" that encourage public service, plus activities related to Nick TV shows that are kid friendly.

Kids are encouraged to have fun on the site and act responsibly, though some kids push limits.

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