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Make sure extension_dir is set to the directory containing the PHP extension DLLs.If using Instant Client, set the system Before using this extension, make sure that the Oracle environment variables are properly set for the web daemon user.## I've tried to build several versions of Open LDAP against Gnu TLS and ## it always fails for me.I could probably figure it out by mailing ## list hunting for a patch, but I so far have been saying meh and building ## it with Open SSL instead.test -f installed/openldap-2.4.34&& mv installed/openldap-2.4.34. Generally, the best way of # getting that seems to be to build SASL without LDAP support, then Open LDAP # with SASL support, then SASL again with LDAP support.If you have SASL # installed but do not want support for it built-in, pass # --without-cyrus-sasl to configure.

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The second set covers installing the slapd # server. # Open LDAP documentation: # Release Documents # Administrator's Guide # Faq-O-Matic # Some of the man pages: slapd, slapd.conf, slapd.access # Slackware uses /usr/local/man instead of /usr/local/share/man, Open LDAP # will install man pages in /usr/local/share/man by default.Python Library development files ii libboost-python1.40.0 1.40.0-4ubuntu4 Boost.Python Library ii libboost-regex1.40-dev 1.40.0-4ubuntu4 regular expression library for C ii libboost-regex1.40.0 1.40.0-4ubuntu4 regular expression library for C ii libboost-serialization1.40-dev 1.40.0-4ubuntu4 serialization library for C ii libboost-serialization1.40.0 1.40.0-4ubuntu4 serialization library for C ii libboost-system1.40-dev 1.40.0-4ubuntu4 Operating system (e.g.PHP applications can connect to other versions of Oracle Database, since Oracle has client-server cross-version compatibility.option builds OCI8 as a shared library that can be dynamically loaded into PHP.

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