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This lesson shows you how to retrieve a document via its document ID, how to delete documents from an index, and how to update an existing document by re-indexing it.All of the convenience methods shown here are from the example application's You sometimes might need to retrieve a document by its document ID, instead of using a query.Mongoose documents represent a one-to-one mapping to documents as stored in Mongo DB. There are many ways to retrieve documents from Mongo DB. There are several variations on the find And Modify theme. Delete Error: logging.exception("Error removing doc id %s.", doc_id) @classmethod def delete All In Index(cls): """Delete all the docs in the given index.""" docindex = Index() try: while True: # until no more documents, get a list of documents, # constraining the returned objects to contain only the doc ids, # extract the doc ids, and delete the docs.document_ids = [document.doc_id for document in docindex.get_range(ids_only=True)] if not document_ids: break docindex.delete(document_ids) except search.

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When replacing a document, the replacement document must consist of only field/value pairs; i.e. The replacement document can have different fields from the original document.

Delete Error: logging.exception("Error removing documents:") To update or change an indexed document, simply add a new document object to the index with the same document ID.

If the index already contains a document with that ID, the existing document will be updated and reindexed; if no document already exists in the index with that ID, the new document will simply be added with the given ID.

In the replacement document, you can omit the and no documents match the specified filter, then the operation creates a new document and inserts it.

If there are matching documents, then the operation modifies or replaces the matching document or documents.

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