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The explanation for this asymmetry, which isn’t exactly news, is that men can and usually do pursue younger women, and that often the men who are single are exactly the ones who prefer them.For women surveying a landscape of banished husbands or perpetual boys, the biological rationale offers little solace. Everyone these days seems to have an online-dating story or a friend with online-dating stories.Also realize you are not guaranteed to encounter these issues when you date someone with depression. Whether you ask or deduce it after months of dating, there will be a point when your partner discloses they deal with depression.It’s a crucial moment in the relationship, so be sensitive and do not judge.They deal in calculus, while men, for the most part, traffic in simple sums.A common observation, about both the Internet dating world and the world at large, is that there is an apparent surplus of available women, especially in their thirties and beyond, and a shortage of recommendable men.The biggest reason I had for deleting my dating apps was just an insufficient return on investment.

I entered the world of online dating a little over a year ago, spent some time on one of the more popular websites (OK Cupid, duh), eventually got bored and haven’t bothered checking my messages in about three months. And in matters of the heart, I think being a judgmental bitch is a pretty good idea.Men want someone who will take care of them, make them look good, and have sex with them—not necessarily in that order.It may be that this is all that women really want, too, but they are better at disguising or obscuring it.When fighting depression, it’s pretty common for guys to withdraw from relationships or avoid starting new relationships, but doing so only makes you feel more isolated and alone.If you’re not in an intimate relationship, but are interested in starting one, it can be hard to get things going if depression is weighing you down.

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