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Despite his ongoing worrying about missing Hunter, Ben is again capable of a lively love-life with Michael and both commit to the general mobilization against gay-bashing proposition 14, a hard fight.

which is roughly equivalent to informal child support.

Gibbs also chats with Abby, who seems to understand better and feel better. There are so many facets of her character that I was hoping would get explained and didn't.

At the car crash site, the driver is shown outside the car and it was said he was ejected through the driver side window after his head hit the windshield. Since items in motion such as bodies inside a car stay in motion in the same direction until stopped, it is not physically possible for him to have been ejected out the side window 90 degrees from the path of travel. It is obviously difficult to make an origin's story of the series' most loved character. If you take those high expectations out, and compare the episode to it's fellow episodes, it was a good story, and was told well.

The ending was perfect, and I have to say now that I really love Randy Harrison's hair the more he grows it out!

Two passersby find the scene of a one-car crash and the bodies of a Marine lance corporal and a young woman; Gibbs and company investigate; Ducky presents a "two-pronged curiosity", and he says that the event may not be either simple or an accident. She has deep rooted emotions that she hides with a wall.

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