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Pretty stupid considering the rise of HIV infections in all sectors of the population. The Aids foundation who has a booth there too was furious with the porno people performing the live sex acts because they were not wearing condoms.

Pretty stupid considering the rise of HIV infections in all sectors of the population. I went to my first Extasia back in 2003 and the atmosphere was fantastic.

Trade happends in Italy's seedy streets where young women offer quick relief for a 20 to 30 euros. Many Italian men from North Italy conduct frequent weekend sex vacations by crossing the borders to Austria and Switzerland where they are able to enjoy cheap legal sex in well equipped brothels instead of dealing with Italian street prostitutes.

In Italy, it is an offence even to stop your car in front of a prostitute.

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Italy is one of those countries where most prostitutes are streetwalkers who parade the streets in short skirts and high heels to attract the attention of horny punters on wheels.ook live webcams, parenclubs, sexcinema's, prive sauna's, rendez-vous hotels, bars / sexclubs en erotische agendaescort, prive, sexcams, sexcam, webcammen, sexspeeltjes, ontvangst, webcamsex, hasselt, brugge, dating, seks, seksspeeltjes, sexcinema, sauna, sexdating, seksdating, hotel, parenclubs, gent, brussel, antwerpen, sekscinemaestacion de radio y tv de diversidad sexual y entretenimiento adulto con temas como son: sexualidad, swingers, gay, less , trans, bdsm, tantra, alternativos, vida en pareja, espectaculos, noticias...ademas de chat, galieras , zonas de contactos y mucho mas!It has the second most populous city proper in the country, but sits at the centre of Italy's largest urban and metropolitan area.Prostitution is rife in the night streets around mid and large towns.

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