Dating culture in jordan

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The Provisional Penal Code reduces sentencing for men who commit violent acts against women in the “honor” context. While the original code allowed men to implement the law themselves, the new amendment leaves punishment and sentencing to the judicial system of the state.

You can read about an actual marriage in "Come to the Wedding", but what is behind all the singing, dancing and flower throwing?

The more "precious" the bride, the more beautiful, the more intelligent etc, the higher the price is likely to be. He had found a girl he wanted to marry; she was attending University and one of the clauses in the contract was that he was to allow her to continue until she graduated.

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Also an Arab man is more likely to mix regularly with "foreigners" than are the women, and is thus less easily surprised in the case of unusual (from the locals' point of view) behaviour.

When you are introduced : if you are a man you can shake hands with another man without hesitation.

Here is a rough description of what else happens in a marriage - before it and also after it.

Before any marriage at all can take place in an Arab society a marriage contract must be signed.

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