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Chinese Tinder, and Blued, which caters to the local gay population.But the market has many more competitors with truly original ideas for hooking up China’s singletons.“Who Will Wake Me Up,” or “Shei Jiao Wo Qi Chuang,” is a combination of an alarm clock and social network.Users can record the sound of the alarm which will be used to wake up a designated person.

In May the platform announced it was refinancing to the tune of RMB1.5 billion and planned to list on the mainland's stock market.Such women are stereotyped as highly educated high-earners whose standards for potential spouses are relatively high.In contrast, ‘bare branches’ refers to older Chinese men without spouses, though the term lacks the government-decreed definition of its female counterpart.The question becomes one about the potential to earn the income needed to build wealth and live a lifestyle you want."Just think about the numerous economic judgments we are making while dating online.First off, we are essentially estimating our own value (which may or may not be accurate), Adshade notes.

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