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The Feast of Trumpets starts the last week for Israel foretold by Daniel and it ends it seven years later with the second coming of Christ.Some like to think the Rapture will occur on the same date that God deals with Israel again.

I know many want to believe the Rapture is on the Feast of Trumpets but remember the Feast of Trumpets will be another fulfillment through Jesus for Israel.

For this year’s Japan trip, I decided to do just that and visit Saipan and Tinian as well. It's a lesser-known territory of the United States, located in the Pacific Ocean about four hours from Japan.

The overriding reason was to visit the latter two islands as my uncle participated in their invasion by U. forces (his unit was the 534th Amphibian Tractor Battalion) during WWII. And until you've discovered Saipan, you can't really say you know US, now can you? Thousands visit Saipan's white sand beaches and enjoy Saipan's water sports, world class diving, unique mix of cultures and more!

Homer’s style, whoever he was, falls more in the category of minstrel poet or balladeer, as opposed to a cultivated poet who is the product of a fervent literary moment, such as a Virgil or a Shakespeare.

The stories have repetitive elements, almost like a chorus or refrain, which suggests a musical element.

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