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If the other person is below the age of consent, i would think it would be illegal ! Best answer: Answer by Ephira97I would steer clear honestly, if you are having doubts and fears that’s your instinct screaming at you that it isn’t right. Don't try to use links on Facebook; they have been marked by the world's largest social network as abusive, leading to dead end pages and frustrated users. If you attempt to share a link with your network, you are presented with the following message: Existing links are also affected.If you attempt to click on a link, you will be led to a Facebook abuse page (screenshot above) stating that Facebook users have reported the link as abusive.We'll update you as more information becomes available. They also protect against dangerous websites that damage your computer or try to steal your information.When we're notified about one of these sites, we immediately add it to a block list and prevent Wall posts or messages that link to it.

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