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This year alone, five top celebrity chefs have divorced their spouses, the latest in this cold trend being Alex Guarnaschelli.

She was married to her husband Brandon Clark for eight years.

Alex’s first battle aired this past weekend, and she defeated UK Iron Chef Judy Joo, assisted in her battle by a sous chef from Top Chef, Ashley Merriman.

Add in competitors such as Top Chef‘s Spike and Marcel, and it was a very reality TV season of the Food Network reality competition, which has found its groove in recent seasons, and bringing back familiar chefs was an excellent choice.

The competition pits one notable chef each season to face a series of challengers in a bid earn or retain the title of “Iron Chef.” “Gauntlet” is produced by Triage Entertainment in conjunction with Food Network.I was ecstatic to get the tickets—a whopping 0 for the demo and signed cookbook—since celebrity chef demos usually get sold out on release.(Didn’t make it past the waiting list for Fabio Viviani of Top Chef fame.) Released on April 9, 2013 Available on for .85 It was definitely worth every penny.Chopped After Hours, a web-series where Chopped judges face the same ingredient baskets that the competitors on Chopped have to deal with, will have its first episode online tonight.As the new episode of Chopped is on at 10pm, it should be online at 11pm, and the judges will face the same ingredients those competitors had.

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