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Unauthorized duplication or distribution of these proprietary files or associated digital recordings is a violation of copyright and patent law.They are for personal use and enjoyment of individuals only, and may be used on other sites only upon request for permission to do so.This site has been optimized for HTML5/CSS3 browsers released in 2012 or later with a recommended minimum 1024x768 and optimal 1280x900 monitor resolution or better.Ever since noted band leader Guy Lombardo started the tradition in 1929 in the famed Roosevelt Hotel in New York City, we have aimlessly sung this old Scottish drinking song every New Years Eve out of a sense of familiarity, but not exactly one of comprehension.

How do teenagers navigate the world today when their "stories" can only be 10 seconds long and will literally disappear on apps like Snapchat?(82) Joe D' Amato directs this story written by George Eastman. (69) Set in post-nuclear-holocaust England, where a handful of bizarre characters struggle on with their lives in ruins.Non-stop action, and a cut above some of the others. Rita Tushingham, Dudley Moore, Marty Feldman, Spike Milligan, Peter Cook and others star in this dark, wildly British, comedic downer.The media focused on celebrities, especially sports heroes and movie stars, as cities rooted for their home teams and filled the new palatial cinemas and gigantic sports stadiums.In most major democratic states, women won the right to vote.

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