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“I swatted it with my hand,” wrote Martha in a letter to us. It was moving around on its back with six or more legs, struggling to right itself to its feet.”At this point, she felt like God spoke a message to her, saying: “Martha, for many years you were like this June bug. However, when you started to focus on Me, you were, through My grace, able to right yourself and make progress.”A day after she survived an apartment fire by jumping three stories into the arms of waiting police officers, nine-year-old Sofiya Doroshenko was as relaxed as any other schoolgirl. Her mother had just left for work and her father was due home any minute when the fire broke out in the third-floor apartment across from theirs. Sofiya’s mother Yuliya expressed gratitude for the community’s generosity and donations.Her parents had told her to “trust the police” in this country, and she did just that when flames trapped her on her balcony. After Tom Hudner got out of his plane, he stepped into the deep snow of the North Korean winter and tried to save Jesse Brown’s life.

Not only did audiences give the movie high ratings for its faith-and-family-friendly appeal, we gave it a Christopher Award.To find something faith-filled, I think, is what brought the audience to us.People were anxious to see something they could hold onto at a time when they really needed it.”A Christopher friend named Martha was on a silent retreat at Saint Emma Retreat House in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, taking part in Eucharistic Adoration when a June bug came flying at her head. Sofiya, who recently came to this country from Ukraine, lives with her parents, both medical professionals, in Mahwah, New Jersey. Marina Villenueve, writing for The Record of Hackensack, interviewed the girl’s parents in the motel where they stayed.I'm a country girl at heartlooking for a type of relationship that starts off fwb and possibly progresses...Have a nice day:) My Interests are Music, Dancing, Going out, Going to any body of ...

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